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Armadillo Pink Ribbon Pin
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The armadillo, Spanish for "little armored one," is most well known for its armored shell, which provides an amazing defense and represents protection and a guarded disposition. Meaning of the Armadillo: Boundaries, Armor, Go Within. Armadillo People are learning to set boundaries and turn inward to themselves when they are seeking answers to their questions. When Armadillo Medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to protect yourself when you sense something is not quite right or if there is actually danger looming. Armadillo's main defense is its armor-like outer skin, which when threatened by a predator he will curl up into a hard ball with his tight fitting armor plates locked shut. Armadillo's message is about going within yourself to seek the best plan of action. Armadillo is reminding you to set your boundaries and recognize when something is just not quite right. More on Armadillos: Armadillos love to dig and burrow with their sharp, little claws. This speaks to us symbolically about searching, discovering, and getting to the "root" of the matter. Armadillo's have super-sensory ability to detect life underground. They serve as "tour-guides" to our buried secrets. When we start on a journey of exploration/research/discovery with the armadillo as our spiritual guide, we are primed to receive illumination and answers. Armadillo's can find stuff for us - real items, or even intangible goodies like epiphanies and insights. When the armadillo burrows its way into your awareness as a totem or a messenger, it might be a good time to get some rest. Relax, recover, recuperate and consider withdrawing from social engagements for a time of renewal. Because armadillo's typically live in dens underground, we're observing womb-like symbolism. The Mother (Earth) is both womb and tomb to all life. If the armadillo is coming into your consciousness, consider big themes like this. Is it time to mother ourselves? Nurture ourselves? Is it time to become reborn? Or perhaps it's time to retreat, withdraw and become more reclusive. These are all questions the armadillo asks us on our life's journey.



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